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Build for Humans

A public goods project helping empower changemakers in web3 to build resilient DAOs that support the humans building tomorrow's technology.


Community Building

Can we build resilient communities around collective missions that are healthy, sustainable and driven to move the needle on the pressing issues of the day? Can compassion be baked into the technology of our future by creating contemplative technological communities?Yes. I believe we can. By building contemplative virtual communities, we can strengthen the human layers of our IRL structures as well. We can foster strong, authentic human interactions through healthy virtual containers that transcend the methods of connection and allow us to create deep relationships that carry into real life. Build for Humans is an experiment to see if my assumptions about contemplative community building are possible. Join me.

Access for All

Why Public Goods?

I believe powerful knowledge from wisdom traditions that serves us all should never be enclosed or commodified. The basis of work is a combination of professional experience and academic yogic and Buddha Dharma studies. Contemplative communities are necessary to build compassionate technology and the resources to support these builders should be free and accessible to all.

Details, please


Build for Humans is an ongoing, ever-evolving resource that is organically growing as I finish my BA in Yoga Studies at a university specializing in contemplative pedagogy. As I simultaneously build in the impactDAO space and study wisdom traditions, I am seeing that access to mindfulness practices and tools is vital for supporting the human layers in our communities. Through contemplative community building, we can also bake more compassion into the code of tomorrow.

Getting Started


The Build for Humans project starts with a series of resource articles, contemplative essays and audio files published on decentralized protocols. If you'd like to subscribe to the free essays, published via Paragraph, please click the button below. This will eventually be a larger project, but it starts with the written word. If you'd like to support this public good through NFT collection, please scroll down.



The Founders NFT is designed for those who are founders and starting communities to support protocols, projects or DAOs. Each NFT, built on Unlock Procotol, is a key to unlock special content designed to support the founder's journey in building a resilient & healthy community. Founder NFT holders also get a quarterly live group call to talk about your community building process and a private Discord channel on my server. Each NFT grants access for one year and there are only 25 NFTs available for purchase per year (10 will be gifted with a total of 35 NFT keys in circulation).



Builder NFTs are for those who wish to support the Build for Humans project. NFTs are built using Unlock Protocol and each NFT will unlock special content written just for the community leads, builders, managers and moderators. Our journey together is to take a contemplative approach to fostering a healthy community environment. Each NFT gives you access for one year and only 250 NFTs are available each year for purchase (50 will be gifted, with a total of 300 NFT keys in circulation).

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Who am I?

I'm an artist, advocate and academic exploring the intersections of Humanity, Technology & the Mystical. I'm a founding member of JournoDAO, multiple DAO contributor and have been a community builder in this space since 2017. I began my career as a photojournalist and comms specialist almost 25 years ago. I am currently an academic studying Tantra Yoga and Tibetan Buddhism, completed my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in May 2022. Upon graduation in May 2023, I’ll have a 500 RYT certification for yoga.

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